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New Release Tuesday – DBZ, OniAi, Ikki Tousen, & SAVE


The Dragon Ball Z – Season One Blu-ray is now available! Make room on your shelves because the Dragon Ball Z Season Sets are finally on Blu-ray! We embarked on a frame-by-frame restoration process to remove any blemishes, tape marks, and foreign bodies that might have tarnished your viewing experience. All three audio tracks have been re-mastered in the interest of noise reduction and superior sound quality. The bolder, more vibrant color of this ultimate Dragon Ball Z release closely mirrors the visual aesthetics of today’s entertainment. Lastly, we undertook a precise shot-by-shot reframing of the entire series to create a modern HD widescreen presentation of this legendary fan favorite! It’s time to experience Dragon Ball Z like you’ve never experienced it before!


Also available today we have our first subtitle-only releas–OniAi. Here’s a little bit about this show.




Feast your eyes on host of desirable darlings in this sassy comedic romp from the dirty little minds that brought you Baka and Test and Hayate the Combat Butler!

When adorable teenager, Akiko, is reunited with her big brother, Akito, she’s determined to take her sisterly affection to the next level! But her BroCon fantasies are dealt a cruel blow by the arrival of three colorful rivals. There’s a blonde heiress with a fetish for plushies, a boyish beauty who yearns to serve, and a ravishing redhead who’ll stop at nothing to get her man! Every coy ploy Akiko dreams up is deviously derailed by robes that just happen to fall open, the flashing of come hither eyes, or scandalous splashing in the community bath! While Akiko has her hands full staying a step ahead of the competition, poor conflicted Akito can’t help but think: my little sister can’t be this…adorable!?


What do you think of having subtitle-only releases? Is this something you’d like to see more of in the future?


Also available today, we have Ikki Tousen – Great Guardians on DVD and Chrono Crusade joins our S.A.V.E. (Super Amazing Value Edition) line on DVD.


Will you be picking up any of these titles today?

A Dandy Guy in Vegas! – Otakon Vegas this Weekend

Otakon Vegas is this weekend and we’ve got a bunch of stuff planned for the premiere of Space Dandy! So, take a look below at all the events and extras we’ve got planned for Sin City!


We’ve got two panels this weekend:


FUNimation Industry Panel (Friday @ 5:45pm in Main Events)

Come hear the latest news and info from the leading anime company in North America!


Space Dandy World Premiere and Q&A Panel (Saturday @ 3:30pm in Main Events)

Space Dandy is the new space comedy by the team that brought you Cowboy Bebop — and it launches around the world on January 4th and 5th. Join Ian Sinclair, the US voice of Space Dandy himself, and dub director Zach Bolton for this exclusive chance to see Space Dandy’s first episode before anyone else!


Space Dandy Autograph Session (Saturday @ 5:15pm in Autographs)

Watch the world premiere and then line up to get autographs from the English cast and crew!


We’ve also got a FUNimation booth set up in the Dealers’ Room. Stop by and get your anime fix and partake in all the dandy goodness. We’ve got some special Space Dandy promo items available at the booth, and we’re even tricking out half the booth to look like the Boobies restaurant!



Special promotions:

- We’ll have a photo booth set up for you to take pictures. The first 50 people each day to take a photo in the booth and upload it to Facebook will give a free Space Dandy calendar featuring Honey!

- Find one of our Boobies booth babes and you’ll receive a free Boobies sticker.

- Be sure to also pick up a free Space Dandy promotional poster at our booth while supplies last.

- and, if you attend the Space Dandy premiere you’ll receive a free Boobies pennant!


Other Events:

We’ll also be premiering the English dub of Kamisama Kiss at Otakon Vegas! You can catch that on Friday at 4pm in Main Events.


Please visit for more information.

Win an Elite Video Subscription for a year!

To celebrate the end of 2013 and ring in 2014 we are giving away a free 12-month Elite Video Subscription to one lucky person. To enter you all you need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] with your full name, mailing address, and the subject line ‘Win an Elite Video Subscription for a year‘.

This contest runs from now until 1/3/14 at 11:59pm Central time.  This contest is open to both non-subscribers and subscribers in US and Canada, excluding Puerto Rico and Quebec.

Good luck!

2014 Winter Simulcasts – Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Joins the Line-up

As a lovely after Christmas treat, here’s another simulcast announcement! “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha” will be joining our winter line-up.  Click here to see our previous announcements.




Inari is a cheerful girl with a crush on the coolest guy in school, but she can’t seem to confess her feelings to him. When a goddess blesses her with the ability to shapeshift—much to the chagrin to the spiritual world—can love bloom for the young girl?


We’ve got one more to reveal. Keep an eye on the blog and on our social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) for the latest info!


2014 Winter Simulcasts – Maken-Ki! Two Joins the Line-up

The simulcast announcements continue! Today we’re announcing that “Maken-Ki! Two” will be joining our line-up! Click here to read our previous announcement.




The students of Tenbi Academy are back for round two! What trouble will Takeru get himself into for season 2? You’ll just have to watch to find out!


You can catch up on the first season on, or click here to get the BD/DVD Combo available now. We’ll update with simulcast dates and times once those are confirmed.


Are you looking forward to another season of Maken-Ki?

12 Days of Anime – Day 12 – In the Year 2014…

As we end our “12 Days of Anime” countdown, we take a look at what 2014 has in store for us.

We’re rolling out our simulcast announcements for Winter 2014! That’s right, it’s a tease. I know the anticipation is gonna kill you, but you’ll just have to be patient!


You should already be acquainted with Space Dandy. The entire creative team behind Cowboy Bebop is back, and for the first time ever, Adult Swim will be broadcasting the English Dub of a series on the same day as TV broadcast in Japan! Space Dandy premieres on Toonami on January 4th at 11:30 pm. Check your local listings for details.


Space Dandy is a dandy guy in space! This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Each new species he discovers earns him a hefty reward, but this dandy has to be quick on his feet because it’s first come – first served! Accompanied by his sidekicks, a rundown robot named QT and Meow the cat-looking space alien, Dandy bravely explores unknown worlds inhabited by a variety aliens. Join the best dressed alien hunter in all of space and time as he embarks on an adventure that ends at the edge of the universe!

For more information on Space Dandy, be sure to to “Like” our official Facebook page:

And now the first of our new announcements! Noragami will be joining our 2014 Winter simulcast lineup.



Yato may just be a minor god now, but he’s determined to make it big and he’s got a plan. Unfortunately, things just don’t seem to be going his way. He doesn’t have a single shrine dedicated to him, his partner has just quit, and now he’s got to find a new divine weapon. Just when things look bleak, he meets a girl named Hiyori and changes her life forever.


We’ll have a simulcast date and time for you soon, so stay tuned! We’ve got 3 more simulcasts to announce, but you’ll just have to wait til tomorrow to find out more! Make sure you come back as we unveil the next one!


But wait! That’s not all, we’ve got one more special announcement. We have acquired rights to the live action Space Battleship Yamato movie. A cult classic from the glory days of anime blazes to life in this feature-length sci-fi epic starring Takuya Kimura (Redline, Howl’s Moving Castle)!


The year is 2199. Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction as the Gamilas, a heinous race of alien invaders, wage an endless war for the right to inhabit the Earth. The last hope for humanity lies on the distant planet of Iskander, and the only battleship capable of attempting the journey is the legendary Yamato. Armed with the devastatingly-powerful Wave Motion Cannon, grizzled Captain Okita and the Yamato’s crew venture boldly into the darkest depths of space. The Gamilas attack at every turn, but fallen hero Susumu Kodai and ace pilot Yuki Mori fight side-by-side for the future of their world. Together, these young lovers unlock the secrets of Iskander – only to face a harrowing voyage home that only one of them will survive!


The movie will hit shelves in 2014.


So, what did you think of our “12 Days of Anime” countdown? Are you looking forward to what 2014 has in store for you?

Chopper the Blue-Nosed Flying Reindeer Saves the Day

This Just In: 6:14 am, North Pole Festive Time

Reports breaking from the North Pole early this morning suggest that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer may be unable to guide Santa’s sleigh on its annual Christmas Eve delivery run. An unnamed source in Santa’s workshop claims that Rudolph got ahold of some bad eggnog and hasn’t left the bathroom since the 8th day of Christmas. Stay tuned for more on this top story.


Updated: 9:35 am, North Pole Festive Time

As panic spread throughout the under-twelve crowd, Santa Claus called a press conference to announce that he’d summoned the world-renowned physician Tony Tony Chopper of the Straw Hat pirates. “I’ve got no other choice,” stated Santa. “Chopper is the only chance we’ve got at saving Christmas. If that little tanuki doesn’t come through for us, they’ll be more heartbroken children in the morning than I care to imagine.” When reached for comment, Chopper had this to say: “I’m a reindeer – not a tanuki! But I’ll still help Santa because a good doctor never turns his back on a patient.”


Updated: 3:45 pm, North Pole Festive Time

News out of the North is bleak indeed, friends, as Tony Tony Chopper wraps up his examination of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. “Rudolph is very sick,” said Chopper. “His stomach hurts terribly, and his nose is hardly glowing at all. I haven’t seen a patient this ill since Sanji nearly bled to death after meeting the mermaids of Fishman Island.” Outside the examination room, Mr. and Mrs. Claus have sequestered themselves in a giant gingerbread house, and the elves have locked themselves in the workshop, barricading the doors with jumbo sized candy canes. As Santa’s scheduled departure time draws near, this reporter finds himself wondering if Christmas will be cancelled.


Updated: 6 pm, North Pole Festive Time

A heroic little reindeer is the story of the hour here at the North Pole. With Rudolph too sick to fly, Tony Tony Chopper has bravely volunteered to guide Santa’s sleigh as they deliver toys to all the good little boys and girls. “I just can’t say enough about Chopper’s Christmas spirit,” said Santa. “He’s stepping up when I need him most. He’ll be a permanent fixture on my ‘nice’ list if he can guide me through the night.” Skeptics have pointed out that Chopper, while an accomplished physician, does not know how to fly. But the smallest Straw Hat of them all refuses to let mere physics stand in his way. “My friend Franky is SUPER!” said Chopper. “He can turn into a robot, and he’s great with gadgets. He’s using some dials we had left over from the Skypiea trip to turn me into the Chopper the Amazing Blue-Nosed Flying Reindeer! SO COOL!”


There you have it, folks. Chopper the Amazing Blue-Nosed Flying Reindeer is stepping up to the plate to save Christmas. Whether or not he makes it is anyone’s guess, but this reporter will be cheering him on. If you should hear something up on your roof tonight, sneak outside and try to snap a picture of Santa and his little buddy Chopper!


Merry Christmas to all!


For more Chopper, check out episodes of One Piece on

12 Days of Anime – Day 11 – Jormungand Music Download


So, we’re always getting fans asking us “What’s the music in this trailer?” and “Where can I download this music?!”


Seems like the trailer music for Jormungand was no exception, and we’ve gotten quite a few requests for a download of the song. That brings us to the 11th Day of our “12 Days of Anime” countdown.


Head on over to and go to the Extras section for a FREE digital download of the music from our trailer. The song is titled “Uroboros” and it is an original piece from one of our Sound & Composition guys, Andrew Manson.


Do you enjoy the music in our trailers and promotional videos? Did you know that most of the music we use on these trailers, clips, and promo videos are actually original pieces composed in house at FUNimation?


Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Jormungand today! Seasons One and Two will be available on BD/DVD Combo on Feb. 18th, 2014. Click here to order.