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FUNimation Acquires Rights for Yatterman Night!


ÅuñÈÉmÉÑÉbÉ^Å[É}ÉìÅvÉLÅ[ÉrÉWÉÖÉAÉãáCÅiç‰èIverÅjŶÇRêlver_ÉçÉSñ„We’re excited to announce yet another addition to our winter simulcast lineup — Yatterman Night!

Fans of classic anime will recognize the original beloved Yatterman franchise from Tatsunoko Production, the pioneers of Japanese animation behind such hits as Speed Racer and Gatchaman. Yatterman Night is a completely new series with new characters, aimed at an older audience with some darker modern elements, so it’ll be a great watch for fans of the original property and other anime fans alike!

The first episode of Yatterman Night will premiere on Tuesday, January 13th, with subsequent episodes streaming shortly after Japanese broadcast at 10:30 AM EST/9:30 AM CST on Sundays.


Long, long ago, a pair of heroes called the Yatterman faced off against the mischievous Doronbow Gang, led by the sexy villainess Doronjo. Now, years later, the Yatter Kingdom is protected by the new Yatterman. But the mysterious new Yatterman have forced the Yatter people into labor, and unrest runs rampant throughout the kingdom. In the spirit of her predecessor, a young new Doronjo reforms the Doronbow Gang in rebellion against the Yatterman.


In celebration of the beloved classic’s 40th anniversary, this modern update features some familiar faces, and an exciting new cast and story.


The cast of characters includes:

doro_main_kai Doronjo, played by Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Karen Araragi from Bakemonogatari)



Boyacky, played by Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji from One Piece, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger and Bunny)




Tonzra, played by Kenta Miyake (Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mohammed Avdol from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Also featuring:

Character Voice Actor Other Roles
Galina Hiroyuki Yoshino Favaro Leone (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis), Gan-chan/Yatterman-1 (Yatterman 2008),
Alouette Shizuka Itoh Michelle K. Davis (Terraformars), Ai-chan/Yatterman-2 (Yatterman 2008)
Dokurobeh Hori
Oda Chiaki Takahashi Litchi Faye-Ling (BlazBlue), Azusa Miura (The IDOLM@STER)


That concludes our Winter 2015 Simulcast line-up!

Full Announcement


FUNimation Acquires Rights for Maria the Virgin Witch!

Maria the Virgin Witch

Today we are thrilled to announce that FUNimation has acquired the rights for Maria the Virgin Witch!


The show will be joining our Winter 2015 Simulcast lineup starting January 11th at 8:30am CT/ 9:30am ET


In the time of the Hundred Years’ War, a young and powerful witch known as Maria leads a reclusive existence. Shunned by the church – but beloved by certain locals – Maria endeavors to use her magic to bring an end to the warfare she so despises. She assists people of all walks of life with the help of her two familiars: a succubus and an incubus with great powers of seduction.  Though she seeks only peace, the archangel Michael despises her use of magic to interfere in human affairs and decrees that should she ever manage to lose her virginity, Maria’s powers will vanish! To ensure that Maria no longer mingles magic with humans, Michael sends the angel Ezekiel to keep a watchful eye on the virgin witch. Don’t miss this intriguing tale of magic, war, and sexual frustration from Production I.G. and the director of Code Geass!



How many of you guessed this title correctly? Our clue was:


“Solve my code and learn the sixes play”


The trick to it is: Every sixth letter (excluding spaces) spells “MARIA”



Absolute Duo and Yurikuma Arashi Update



The first episodes of Absolute Duo and Yurikuma Arashi will be available for FUNimation Streaming Subscribers just a couple days after their Japanese premiere. But fear not, all future episodes will be available just 3 hours after they air in Japan. Look for Episode 01 of Absolute Duo and Yurikuma Arashi at the dates and times listed below, and new episodes every Monday at 12:00 Noon and 12:30 PM CST, respectively.


- Absolute Duo – Episode 01: Tuesday, January 06 at 12:00PM Noon/CST
- Yurikuma Arashi – Episode 01: Wednesday, January 07 at 12:30PM/CST

Send Your Questions to the Kamisama Kiss Mangaka!

Kamisama Kiss 2_key artEver wanted to ask a real manga artist about their craft? Now’s your chance! In celebration of the new season of Kamisama Kiss, we’re taking fan questions for renowned shoujo mangaka Julietta Suzuki, author of Akuma to Dolce, Karakuri Odette, and of course, Kamisama Kiss.


Curious about how she creates Kamisama Kiss? Wondering about her influences and inspiration? How does Suzuki-sensei feel about her American fans? Post your questions for Suzuki-sensei in the comments below. We’ll select 3-5 of your questions, and we’ll post her answers soon!


(If you missed it before, Suzuki-sensei tweeted about her copy of the FUNimation Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition earlier this year! Click here to see what she had to say!)


You can also enter through the following means:

-          Respond to this blog entry with your question

-          Post your questions on the official Facebook thread

-          Tweet your question on Twitter with hashtag #KamiKissQuestions

-          Reblog our Tumblr post with your question


Send us your question by January 12 and you could hear the response from Julietta Suzuki-sensei herself!


And don’t forget to watch Kamisama Kiss 2, streaming Mondays @ 8AM CST on!


FUNimation Acquires Rights for Absolute Duo!


FUNimation is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights for Absolute Duo!


Get ready for beauty and danger because Absolute Duo show will be joining our Winter 2015 Simulcast — keep an eye out for date and time announcements!


In a world of heroes who wield magical weapons known as Blaze, Tor Kokonoe’s manifests instead as a shield. Things aren’t all bad for Tor, though: he’s enrolled in an elite school that pairs students up into Duos, and his own partner is the beautiful Julie Sigtuna, a silver-haired exchange student who wields a wicked pair of blades. Along with a bevy of Blazing beauties, Tor’s high school adventures are just beginning!


FUNimation Acquires Rights for Yurikuma Arashi!


Announcing! FUNimation has acquired the rights for Yurikuma Arashi as part of our Winter 2015 Simulcast!



After an asteroid explosion and meteor shower lit up the sky over planet earth, strange adorable bears began to attack and devour humans. The earthlings responded with violence of their own, and in the end, a massive barrier – the Wall of Extinction – was erected to separate man from bear. This fragile peace lasted until two high school girls encounter a yuri flower blooming – only to be shaken by the piercing warning of the Bear Alarm! Once again, bear and man- or bear and girl -will be pitted against each other in a deadly and mysterious showdown—brought to you buy Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl



Here’s what we have announced for the Winter 2015 Simulcast so far, but we aren’t done yet! Keep checking back!



FUNimation Acquires Rights for World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman!



Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman_keyvisual

FUNimation is excited to announce that we have acquired the rights for World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman!

From Diomedéa, the studio behind Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (announced yesterday!), World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman will be joining our Winter 2015 Simulcast line-up. The first episode starts on January 18th!


What’s the show all about?


Akane Academy is just like any other school…except the students just happen to be reincarnated legendary heroes from a distant past who battled for the fate of the world. Now, evil monsters are threatening to wreak havoc, and it’s up to the students of Akane Academy to stop them! Follow Moroha, Shizuno, and Satsuki as they navigate love, past lives, and kicking butt in this action fantasy with a dash of fanservice.


Take a look at our Winter 2015 Simulcast line-up so far, and check back tomorrow for more announcements!


Worldbreak Announcement



FUNimation Acquires Rights for Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!


Cute High School Key Art

FUNimation is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights for Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Get ready for magical boy adventures from Diomedea, because this show will be joining our Winter 2015 Simulcast season, with the first episode starting January 13!



Teenage boys are notoriously lazy, and the members of Binan High School’s Earth Defense Club are no exception. Their definition of “earth defense” is bumming around all day at the local bathhouse. But when a pink wombat appears out of thin air and begs the boys to help him save the planet, even the idlest high schoolers jump to action. Watch the magical boys transform and save the earth with the power of LOVE!



Here’s what we’ve announced so far! Keep checking back to see the rest of our Winter 2015 Simulcast line-up!


Cute High



FUNimation Acquires Rights for Samurai Warriors!


FUNimation is excited to announced that we have acquired the rights for Samurai Warriors! With the first episode starting January 11th, the show will be joining our Winter 2015 Simulcast season!

Fans may recognize Samurai Warriors from the video game of the same name, which is a spinoff of Dynasty Warriors. In addition, some may recognize a few of the characters from the crossover game, Pokémon Conquest!


Based on the hit video game, this dramatic re-imagining of one of Japan’s most revered historical periods drops audiences into the middle of an epic battle royal. Great warriors and dashing rogues from cherished Japanese tales come to life in this rousing series. Follow along as your favorite hacking, slashing characters from the video game meet once more on the field of battle. Every deadly move you perfected in the game is recreated in the action-packed anime experience that is Samurai Warriors!


You can get exclusive access to all the hottest anime shows of the season; some as early as one-hour after they broadcast in Japan! Start your FUNimation Streaming Service 14-day free trial today!


Check out our Winter line up so far! What do you think of the shows we’ve announced? Any guesses for the last few? Check back throughout this week for new reveals!

SamuraiWarriors Announce


Top FUNimation Streaming Shows of 2014

It’s the end of the year as we know it! Let’s take a look at some of the top FUNimation streaming shows of 2014.




Attack on Titan


First up, and this should come as no surprise to anyone, Attack on Titan! And before you protest and say “Hey, Attack on Titan simulcasted in 2013!” we started to roll out the English dubbed episodes in 2014 in conjunction with the television broadcast on Toonami–so, it still counts!


We’ve been describing this show as the Walking Dead of the anime world. If you’ve seen the show, then you know why. If you haven’t seen the show, where have you been?


series synopsis:


When the man-eating giants called Titans first appeared, humans retreated behind massive walls. After a hundred years of safety, a colossal-sized Titan smashes through the defenses, unleashing a flood of giants and carnage in the streets. Eren Jaeger watches helplessly as one of the creatures devours his mother.


He vows to kill every Titan walking the earth.


Eren and his surviving friends enlist to fight against the insatiable monsters. The future looks bleak, but there’s more to Eren than meets the eye: he may be humanity’s last hope against extinction. From the director of Death Note and High School of the Dead comes the series Anime News Network calls “an intense, visceral, and graphic thrill ride.” The Titans have come to feast. Anything can happen. No one is safe.


More reasons to love this show? The awesomely epic Opening Song.



Attack on Titan Part 1 and Part 2 are now available for purchase on Blu-ray/DVD Combo!