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Virtual singer and worldwide phenomenon Hatsune Miku is coming to North America for a live concert tour, and FUNimation wants to give you the chance to pre-order your tickets for the Dallas, TX show on May 14th before they officially go on sale!


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Time To Celebrate – Friday the 13th

It’s not often that the dates align so perfectly that the thirteenth day of a month lands on a Friday. It must be a very lucky day! Oh wait it’s not? In fact many unlucky things happen today? Well it sounds like it’s time to stay inside and watch anime instead! We have a list that should keep you safe, remind you why you shouldn’t go outside today, and maybe it’ll even rub off some luck on you! Warning: spoilers ensue.



Good Luck Girl

Great Luck!


Ichiko’s life is so good! She’s beautiful, popular, and super lucky, but only because she steals the luck from everyone else! However her luck changes and through a comedic turn of events she learns what it means to not always have the luck.





Bad Luck


Hiyori is your precocious young woman who is on the way to success until an accident leaves her in the balance of life and death, an unfortunate narcoleptic, and in the care of the most careless God imaginable. At least she gets brand new friends and a new look on life.




Is This A Zombie?

Worse Luck


Now at least your life isn’t like Ayumu (hopefully). Right off the bat, he gets murdered by a serial killer, resurrected to be a zombie slave, killed again, and then becomes a cross-dressing magical (girl) boy that has to fight dangerous monsters. At least he gets cool powers, seductive friends, and a pretty dress and chainsaw!




Tokyo Ghoul

Horrible Luck


It’s bad enough to be killed episode one. It’s worse when it comes from a love interest after having bad luck with the dating scene beforehand. But it’s worse to be transformed into a vampiric monster that loses the taste for food and gains a taste only for human flesh, and it’s even worse to be hunted by humans and other monsters of your newfound species. Finally it takes outstandingly bad luck to be abducted and tortured until you lose your sanity. In fact, you’re pretty lucky to be reading this and not to be Kaneki Ken.




Samurai Champloo / Cowboy Bebop

Bad Luck Turned Into Good!


Well it stinks to have bad luck where jobs/money is scant and all the wrong people are chasing you. But with a good gang, good skills, creativity, and of course the occasional good luck, things turn around for these groups!





A Wastelander’s Guide To Surviving Fallout 4 Day

It is the end of the world as we know it: Fallout 4 has finally arrived. Sick days are used up en masse, work productivity crawls to screeching halts, and loved ones are ignored to insulting levels. But for those that are still alive, we have a guide that contains some anime with post-apocalyptic themes that will get you through the next few months while you hunker down in your fallout shelter. They will give you hope that there is life after the end of the world.





What To Do When The End of the World Is Upon You 


When society is about to collapse, you will need this movie for many reasons. 1) It is a classic that helped bring anime to popularity in the West, so you’ll need to have that knowledge before all media is gone (or filled to the brim with Fallout spoilers). 2) It will show you how to navigate the craziness that the apocalypse brings so you can survive to live in a vault too! 3) It specifies the need for a sweet ride to literally navigate the craziness of the apocalypse





Evangelion 1.11/2.22

What To Do When The End of the World Is Upon You (Part 2 and 3)


In continuing the list of crucial anime that you will need to have in mind once all media is gone and/or flooded with spoilers, you will need to have the Evangelion fresh in mind. The Rebuild movies condenses the series and fills it well with drama, action, and updated graphics. And in the case you have to pilot a mech suit of any sorts (*cough Power Armor) these movies will show you how it’s done.

By the way, we are determined to put out Evangelion 3.33 out on February 2, 2016 come hell or high water so stay tuned for that!




Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

What To Do When The End of the World Is Here


One of our most popular shows from the Spring Simulcast Season and of this Fall Season has the keys to what to do when the End of the World comes: get good at a skill (in this case melee weapons), get good apparel (you’re gonna need high damage resistance that allows agility), and get into a strong community (but beware as every group has dark secrets). With these keys, nothing can stop you whether they be Super Mutants, Vampires, or other humans! Deathclaws are another thing though…

 Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.28.04 PM




Ergo Proxy

What To Do When You’re Alone When The End of the World Is Here


Ok, say you don’t have the luxury of having many other humans being alive when the End of the World has come. Fear not as there is still hope! If Ergo Proxy has taught us anything, there are certain things you must develop in order to survive against the creepy crawlies and the derelict robots. 1) Develop your intelligence and perception as there aren’t too many other people that will have your back and you’ll need to survive on your wits. 2) Get a trusty weapon that you can mod to fight with (e.g. a sweet shotgun). 3) Get some good tunes (e.g. the ending song of this show is done by Radiohead!)






How To Act When The End of the World Is Here (Good Morality)


This classic anime could be the most grim thing ever: a small group of humans are stranded on a dry and resource-lacking planet with no way to get off immediately, many other humans are criminals that extort and kill more peaceful people, and there is a group of nihilistic superhumans that aim to plunge the world into darkness. But the main protagonist, Vash the Stampede, doesn’t fall into sadness or despair! This goofy super shot paragon fights back even after many a crisis befalls him, he always looks to the good in people, and he always has a smile on his face. In fact many of his victories come without even killing his opponent! It’s like he has VATS… Watch this series and catch his infectious attitude.




Black Lagoon

How To Act When The End of the World Is Here (Neutral or Bad Morality)


Ok maybe you don’t want to be a goody-two-shoes like Vash who refuses to kill people. Fine, we can’t make everyone be good of course, but to be a thorough guide we’ve included a good look at how to be neutral or bad. In Black Lagoon, the world hasn’t ended, but it is filled with trouble and only the strong survive. You will be able to get what you want and people can’t mess with you, but you will make many enemies and you’ll have to be strong!

One way to do this is to be a top-notch gunslinger like our protagonist, Revy. She takes no mess from anyone and she’s willing to rob everyone, kill whoever, and smuggle anything for cold-hard cash. Of course she’s maxed out in Guns stats (hence why she’s called Two Hands). Her Agility and Perception stats are also maxed out, but her Intelligence is impacted which does bring her into berserker states which brings her to kill everyone nearby.





Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie

What To Do (Today) When The World Has Not Ended


Wait! The End of the World isn’t here yet? Well it’s time to celebrate by watching a brand new movie – one that looks to the future and the amazing possibilities that lie before us! Great thing that Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie is here! But it’s only out for three days so you need to get your tickets ASAP before it leaves theaters! You can find tickets and theater locations here on



You can watch all of these shows on with a streaming account so join today!



Meow! Five Fabulous Felines to Celebrate National Cat Day

What a purrfect day it is for cat fanciers everywhere as it’s time to celebrate the annual National Cat Day! We wanted to share a few of our favorite feline friends from the FUNimation family, but that doesn’t mean we covered every cute kitty out there. Let us know what your favorite anime cat is below in the comments or share your personal picks with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Series: Soul Eater

The magical feline from Soul Eater is known to have a trick or two up her sleeve, weaving her spells to help Maka and Soul wherever she can. But Blair has a fun side, too, and isn’t afraid to show off a little fur every now and then. Usually cats despise the notion of taking a bath, but this feisty kitty loves to splash around in the tub while in her human form from time to time. A little fan service never hurt, right?


Blair from Soul Eater



Series: Cat Planet Cuties

Not all cats hail from Earth, you know. Eris initially needs time to convince Kio and his friends that she hails from a distant world called Catia (obviously), but her use of advanced technology clearly put such doubts to rest. Much like any cat and their owner, Eris develops a strong emotional bond with Kio, whom she eventually selects to be her mate. Things get a little out of hand after she entered her first heat, but Eris’ passion eventually subsides, allowing her to resume her normal duties as the playful ambassador of Catia.


Eris from Cat Planet Cuties


Series: Fairy Tail

The loyal feline companion of the guild, Happy constantly showcases his resolve despite his relatively small stature. True to the stereotype, Happy isn’t a fan of dogs and absolutely can’t refuse fish for a meal. While he usually displays an upbeat demeanor, Happy is known to show off a darker side every now and then, especially when it comes to the use of the magical arts. Though it’s not all toil and trouble — when Happy conjures up a bit of magic we get to see those adorable wings of his in action!


Happy from Fairy Tail


Series: Dragon Ball Z

First introduced to us in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beerus serves as the destroyer within the seventh universe and seeks out a confrontation with Goku. Despite being able to obliterate planets with ease, Beerus does live up to the expectations of a cat — he enjoys sleeping for long periods of time, grooming himself, and feasting on gourmet fish. Beerus can also get upset very easily at the most mundane offenses, yet at other times he exhibits well-mannered nature that makes you wonder if he’s really a villain at all. He’s just your ordinary, every day feline deity who might just blow up Earth if the sushi isn’t to his liking. Talk about a picky eater.


Beerus from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


Series: Fruits Basket
Kyo Sohma

Fiercely competitive and territorial, Kyo Sohma is your average, ordinary, everyday human cursed by the spirit of the cat of the zodiac. The orange haired boy seems normal enough, but when hugged by anyone of the opposite gender, including his first encounter with Tohru, Kyo immediately transforms into a cute an adorable little cat. And it’s not just a physical likeness, either — even when in human form, Kyo dislikes water, gets lazy when it’s raining, drinks a lot of milk, and becomes easily frightened by sudden, loud noises. He also shares an intense rivalry with Yuki, who represents the rat from the Chinese Zodiac, who according to legends tricked the cat out of its spot on the zodiac.



Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket



DANGAN_KEY01_CWelcome to the Danganronpa Death Game! Heh heh heh heh! Danganronpa: The Animation will be available on home video 11/10/15 and now is your chance to see how long you would last in a survival game!


Here’s how it works: we’ve presented 4 dangerous scenarios for you to navigate. But deliberate carefully…the responses you choose will either lead to the next round or PUNISHMENT TIME! There are 4 scenarios total, each containing 4 answers to choose from with a survival percentage of WHO KNOWS?!? I can’t wait to see who ends up riding the motorcycle from Hell! Heh heh heh heh!


Leave your answers for all 4 scenarios on THIS Facebook post by 11:59pm CST tonight, then watch your fate be decided as we release the outcomes of each one throughout the week!


Question 1  Question 2

Question 3  Question 4


Here are the dates that the results will be revealed:

10/28 – Scenario 1 Results

10/29 – Scenario 2 Results

10/30 – Scenario 3 Results

10/31 – Scenario 4 Results


You probably won’t make it to the final round but either way… Let’s have a killer time!


How to Host a Titan Party

Ain’t no party like an Attack on Titan Party, cause an Attack on Titan party is… terrifying.  Want to celebrate Halloween in horrifying style? We’re here to help you host your very own Titan Party:


Party Graphic revised



Don’t forget, tonight is your LAST CHANCE to catch

Attack on Titan The Movie – Part 2 in theaters!


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Want to win a two week, anime-themed TRIP TO JAPAN?

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.49.38 PM

Got a bad case of wanderlust? Do you have an itch to watch the latest episode of Nerdist News AND see some brand new footage from Attack on Titan The Movie – Part 2? If so, you could be the lucky winner of the colossal Nerdist News Trip to Japan! And you don’t have to fend off a legion of titans to do it, either! All you have to do is check out this week’s episode of Nerdist News below then  head here for details on the contest and to submit your entry!


Once you’ve entered, you’ll be in the running for a shot at PacSet’s “FanFest” tour 2016, which includes:

  • Round trip airfare from Los Angeles to Tokyo
  • 12-day tour with a professional bilingual guide
  • Hotel accommodations – 6 nights in Tokyo, 3 nights in Osaka/Kansai, and 2 nights in Kaga Onsen/Kanazawa
      • Accommodations are shared unless the winner chooses to upgrade to a single room
  •  All transportation within Japan
  • Admission to main trip sites such as anime fan mecca Akihabara, the Studio Ghibli museum, the famed Fushimi Inari shrine, an onsen/hot spring, and others
      • There are optional add-ons that the winner may upgrade to if they prefer
  • Trip includes stops in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, Kanazawa, Yokohama, and more!


Hurry! Contest ends on 10/26 and Nerdist will announce a winner on 10/27! And head to for theater locations and tickets!



Time To Celebrate – Back To The Future Day

October 21st is Back To The Future Day! Welcome to the future! Wait, where are the hoverboards and pizza hydrators? At least we have smartphones, electric cars, and of course time-traveling anime! In celebration of this special day, we’re going to showcase some of our favorite anime with time-traveling themes.




DeLorean Mail

What list about anime and time traveling would be complete without Steins;Gate, a series all about time travel? From government agencies/conspiracies to Akihabara maid cafes to “DeLorean Mail” (D-Mail), this series is one that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon with its amazing take on time travel.  And to think it all starts from a weirdly microwaved banana… Just watch it!






Infinite Worlds and Infinite Possibilities


What do you get when you have two different dimensions in the future that need a key person from the past to make their reality come true, so they send back warrior representatives to get that person? Anime Terminator? No! You get a thrilling race against time and multiple dimensions known as Noein!




Buddy Complex

It Takes A Boy From The Past, To Save The Future

Aoba is your typical, everyday type of high schooler. That is until he is chased down by mech suits and taken to the future. It’s your typical, everyday type of growing up story that involves intense giant robot wars, wormholes to future, and interstellar battles.




Dragon Ball Z

The Androids Are Coming! The Androids Are Coming!

Most of Dragon Ball Z doesn’t involve time travel (although it has space travel and travel between dimensions); however, one of its most famous characters, Trunks, comes from the future to the past to prevent a world-devastating catastrophe. By stealing his mother’s time machine, this purple-haired, sword-wielding Super Saiyan makes it to past and alters the timeline permanently.





Share with us your favorite time-traveling anime scenarios! As always, you can be sure to watch all these wonderful shows on!