We had so much fun at ALA weekend before last that we just couldn’t wait to hit the road again. So, north to OhayoCon, taking place in Colombus OH, January 18th-20th, where cosplayers go to freeze in their finery for our first Midwest show of the year.

Join us for some great panel action:

FUNimation Industry Panel: Saturday, January 19th
All the latest and greatest in news and cool stuff from FUNimation, one of the leaders in North American Anime. Who knows, maybe a VERY SPECIAL announcement too?!

Keep your seats folks, immediately after the Industry Panel is EVEN MORE FUNIMATION FUNTIMES!

Sneak Peek Panel: Saturday, January 19th
Extended peeks and exclusive looks at the latest and greatest from FUNimation!

You can catch me crashing a couple other panels as well, you’ll just have to wait and see where else I turn up!

At the booth, you can catch some awesome new titles before their release! Come by booths 1&2 to snag your copy of Baka and Test: Season 2, BLOOD-C (the latest chapter in the popular Blood series, written by CLAMP!), Shakugan no Shana Movie and OVA, and Toriko Course 1 and 2.

We will also have some awesome free stuffs for you with purchase, including Serial Experiments Lain magnets, A Certain Magical Index magnets, Steins;Gate pins, BLOOD-C 2013 calendars, and Mass Effect: Paragon Lost “Forever Normandy” patches. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. We also have brand-spanky new Is This A Zombie? t-shirts, hot off the presses with the purchase of Is This a Zombie Season 1! Show the world that you think that Pink is the New Dead too, with a copy of Is This A Zombie? and a great new shirt!

Also, the DS and 3DS scene, be on the lookout for my Mii Sully! I will be pinging convention peeps all weekend long for some rad One Piece goodies. Look for the glasses and pigtails:)

As a special bonus, we’re having a fun little social event at the con. At some point during Ohayocon weekend, we’ll tweet a special message via our Twitter account. The first 5 people to show the tweet to a FUNimation representative at our booth will receive an exclusive Blood-C first aid kit! So, be sure to keep an eye on our twitter. See below for what the kit looks like.

Can’t wait to see you guys!