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LA Times Anime Top 10

Definitely something worth talking about here. LA Times writer, Charles Solomon gives his list ofTop 10 anime from the past year.  FUNimation overwhelmingly takes 7 of the 10 spots.

1. Evangelion: 1.11 You Are Not Alone -  “A must-have for anime fans.”

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - “Even more of an emotional and visual wallop than the much-loved original.”

4. Eden of the East - “An exciting, off-the-wall fantasy.”

5. Oh! Edo Rocket: Season 1,  Part 1 - “Part Jules Verne-esque adventure and part knock-about farce.”

6. Soul Eater: Part 1 - “Freewheeling silliness and supernatural adventures.”

7. Trigun: The Complete Series Box Set - “One of the best-loved series of the ’90s”

8. Dragon Ball Z Kai - “Funnier and more exciting than the original.”

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Do you agree with the Top 10 list? Disagree? Why?

Boobies for the Win! Sekirei Sells Out at Distributor Level!

Sekirei The Complete Series, featuring voluptuous vixens, sold out at retail in its first week following its release on November 23. The title ranked #1 for new anime series releases for Nielsen VideoScan First Alert Week Ending Nov 28, 2010!

We at FUNimation have rushed manufacturing and are now replenishing our accounts with more DVD’s of Sekirei The Complete Series. Please check with your favorite retailer or online store for availability. We give thanks to the fans that bought Sekirei last week and our apologies to the fans that have had to wait for this second shipment to hit stores. We love the series and are glad that you do also.

Watch clips from Sekirei after the jump! Happy viewing!