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Dragonaut takes you to the hot springs!

Say you’re about halfway into watching your favorite anime. Certain circumstances will typically result in a trip to particular locations.  “Where might that be?” you may ask.  Of course the characters end up at the hot springs.  As any anime fan knows, the hot springs episode provides the chance for a series to provide gratuitous fan service.  Either that or the lower budget instance where plumbing fails and the characters HAVE to go to a bath house.


Take the voluptuous figures from the character designer of Witchblade and Love Hina, then stick them in a Hot Springs and you’ve got Dragonaut episode 7.  Has this piqued your interest?  Well then… go to’s Download-to-Own section and get the subtitled episode NOW!!!  At work and can’t watch it now?  Then watch it when you get home from the comfort of your dark, maybe slightly damp room.  Don’t forget to lock the door.


What’s your favorite hot springs episode?  Bath house episodes included,  but we’re not counting its close cousin – the Beach Episode.

New From FUNi This Tuesday

It’s going to be a week of Dragon Ball Z releases.  For those of you collecting the DBZ Season Sets, now’s the time to pick up the 9th and final season.  Also we’ve got Movies 12 & 13: Fusion Reborn & Wrath of the Dragon in the DVD steelbook set and Blu-ray.  To promote the collector in you, I’m including a picture of all 9 seasons from one of our DBZ display cases.  Isn’t it purty?

You can also pick up those 12-inch figures from Medicom Toy’s Real Action Heroes line at online retailers such as or Action Figure Express.  They’re pretty sweet.

And here are the mocks for Movies 12 & 13 DVD Steelbook and Blu-ray.

But wait, there’s more!Continue Clare’s journey with Claymore – Volume 5, also available this Tuesday.

Merch Alert!!!

As promised, I did a little vlog to showcase some of the new FUNimation licensed merchandise.  As with the last video, this was done with a one-man team, and I tried to have a little fun with it.  Let me know what you think – suggestions, comments?  Maybe you guys would prefer to just have up close shots similar to our “Hey! Nice Package!” segments and forget the poor attempts at humor?  I will point out that I need to work of the variation in my voice… I’m pretty monotone naturally.  Wah… wah…

Anyway, that’s that.  I’ll try to cover more of our merchandise over time, including some backlogged items where applicable.  Our merch needs love and I like to watch pop-up video, so more of these to come soon.

Here are the items included in the video.

One Piece Chopper Hat

Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Power Boost – Energy Drink

Fruits Basket: House of Sohma – T-Shirt

Fruits Basket: Yuki Rat Heart

Dragon Ball Z: Senzu Beans Candy